There are millions of ideas that we can use to write books. Sometimes, we may have so many of them but end up forgetting when we are about to put them on a paper. It is very normal. We may end up wasting a lot of time trying to recall what we had in mind but at least we don’t need to know throat voice problem home remedies since we don’t do a lot of talking. Thousands of fictional books are released every year. Therefore, you should aim at giving your best in your writing to ensure that you have a large audience.


Today, we are going to look at how to come up with a fascinating story and the source of such ideas. One of the best ideas is reinventing a part in a book. We read books from time to time. We all have our favorite scenes in those books. However small the scene is, you can use it to come up with a creative piece of writing. To make your story unique, use your imagination to come up with new characters for the scene.


You can also come up with a great story based on your past relationships with friends. We all have many memories which we have had with some friends that we had in our early ages. For example in high school or college. You can write about the moments you had together or their lives after you finished school. The story could revolve around so many issues. For example, you can write about how they achieved or did not achieve their dreams or how successful they have become despite dropping out of school.


Listening to conversations between other people is also a good source of writing ideas. The people around could have a lot of ideas and the best way to get such ideas is by listening to them when they are talking. Observe every event around you. Social places such as bars and restaurants can be good sources of ideas. Take note of all the best ideas and create a story from that by linking several ideas that your audience can relate to.


You can pick a topic on something that does not impress you. It could be something that people around you do either intentionally or unintentionally. For example, you can write about the mistakes people make in your profession. You can also share insights on how they could improve in their work. The idea can also be from something that you did, whether you excelled or failed.


Inform your audience of how to overcome a similar obstacle or how to avoid it. Some people write about how they worked to break world records in certain sectors. The people around you could be your audience if you write about something that they like to read. You can achieve that by talking to them. If you would like to write about something humorous, note down the things make you or people around you laugh and use your creativity to come up with a captivating story.


Some of the most interesting stories involve writing about the experiences we have had in the past and their impact on other people’s lives. You can also create a story about your mentor. If you are an adventurer, you could be having pictures of the cities that you have visited. Tell your audience about your experience. There are several types of fictional stories, and they are presented differently. The most important thing when writing your story is to understand the needs of your audience.


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